Unlocking the full value of Consent Mode

Consent Mode enables you to fully take advantage of conversion modeling for more comprehensive reporting and optimization when conversions can’t be linked to ad interactions. Our Consent Management Platform (CMP) partners are integrated with Consent Mode and Google Tag Manager, ensuring seamless implementation so you can capture valuable insights while protecting user privacy.

With our CMP partnerships, using Consent Mode is now easier than ever.

They’ll help manage cookie consent banners and direct the consent management process which begins when a user lands on your website and makes a consent choice on a CMP banner. The CMP then communicates that choice to the Google tag via Consent Mode, and the tag adjusts its behavior accordingly.

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Our CMP Partners have extensive experience with consent management: it’s their core business. On average, implementation lead time via their codeless integrations is reduced to only a few minutes.

Technical support

Our CMP Partners address your technical challenges. Their integrations are continuously upgraded to Google’s latest standards.

Certified CMP Partners

Our CMP Partners have been thoroughly assessed and meet certain technical requirements to ensure the best possible experience for advertisers.

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We award the Google CMP Partners badge to CMP Partners integrated with Consent Mode and Google Tag Manager, ensuring seamless implementations and helping to address technical challenges so you can gain more accurate, privacy-safe insights through conversion modeling.

Get to know our CMP Partners
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To provide advertisers with even more ways to activate Consent Mode, we continuously expand our partnerships with CMPs. By joining the CMP Partner Program, you get access to the training, support, and resources to set your clients up to success.

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Due to an exceptionally high volume of CMP Partner Program applications, we are currently experiencing delays in our review process. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and greatly appreciate your interest and patience.

Please note: Nothing prevents advertisers from using a CMP that is not a partner (yet) to adopt Consent Mode and meet our EU UCP requirements.